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swiss opportunity consulting GmbH is a Swiss consulting firm offering a wide range of services to companies and investors seeking to establish business relations in Switzerland. Established in 2006 by Daniel Lyssy, swiss opportunity consulting provides successful solutions to the cardinal issue foreign companies and investors face while doing business in Switzerland: contrary to the rest of continental Europe, Switzerland is still a very local-oriented market.

Extensive experience in the Swiss market and close personal and business relationships with our local partners place us in a unique position to assist foreign business people. Working within a strong network of professionals across a broad spectrum of sectors, we are able to shorten entry time into the Swiss market and assist in developing fruitful business relations in Switzerland. Moreover, as we help our clients meet each new challenge, they become a part of a mutually beneficial ever-expanding network of international partnering alliances.


swiss opportunity consulting understands your desire for local partnerships while recognizing your global business needs. Whether your aim is to invest, to develop, to research, to produce or to market and distribute in Switzerland, swiss opportunity consulting provides the local expertise and international knowledge required to optimize your global business strategy.

With its headquarters in Zurich, we can be your personal consultants accompanying you through each step of the venture and/or your company's outsourcing partner for establishing your local operation in Switzerland.

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