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For the past few years, foreign investors have been discovering the enormous potential of the Swiss Real Estate Market. In addition to offering outstanding economic stability seldom found in other countries, Swiss financing models are unusually advantageous, interest rates are very low, and the potential for mid-term property appreciation is remarkably high. Nevertheless, negotiating and closing profitable deals requires an in-depth knowledge of the Swiss business culture and the ability to dialogue effectively with the wary Swiss property owner, seller or broker.

swiss opportunity consulting identifies our client’s exclusive requirements and specific needs rather than simply offering properties or projects widely known on the market. We aim to "construct" a unique investment opportunity for our clients that perfectly matches their investment goals. 



Through our network of close business alliances with specialists in diverse fields, swiss opportunity consulting is able to search for and identify exceptional business opportunities in Switzerland and then customize them to the specific requirements of our clients.

Whether you would like to market, promote and distribute your product or service in Switzerland, or take advantage of Swiss technology, or use Switzerland as the ideal base to develop additional European or International markets – we are there to help you achieve your goals quickly and optimize your project’s potential at a reasonable cost-effort ratio.


In most cases, it makes little economic sense to operate a foreign business operation or subsidiary on your own. Through an increasingly more effective outsourcing model, swiss opportunity consulting is able to provide you with state-of-the-art local representation, including lawyers, tax advisors, banks and other professional experts. swiss opportunity consulting will also find you advantageous physical office space with your own phone-answering service and administrative services. Each solution is tailored exactly to your unique requirements and at minimal cost. 



In a time of global threats, security of both your local and overseas business locations is a cardinal necessity for preserving your business continuity and success. Information security and prevention of industrial espionage are issues affecting small businesses as well as large multinational corporations. Through an international network of the best and most trustworthy security experts, swiss opportunity consulting is able to protect you and your business – no matter when or where.

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