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Daniel Lyssy
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DANIEL LYSSY has been active in initiating local and international business projects, particularly in the real estate and design product distribution sector both internationally and in Switzerland before founding swiss opportunity consulting. In addition to a degree in Architecture, he holds an MBA with a specialization in Global Business Relations from United Business Institutes in Brussels, Belgium, and a Proficiency in Hospitality Management certification of Ecole hotelière in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Roy Shlesinger
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ROY SHLESINGER focuses on International Business Relations, which is supported by his vast global network of business and professional contacts across diverse sectors. He assists swiss opportunity consulting’s operational activities in Zurich after an impressive career holding several key positions as an international security specialist.

Alliances to specialists in the following fields:

  • Swiss & International Legal Advice

  • International Tax Planning

  • Swiss & Offshore Accounting

  • Real Estate Valuation, Marketing & Management

  • Real Estate Development & Construction Management

  • Hospitality Consulting

  • Distribution & Logistics

  • Personal & Facility Security

  • IT Consulting

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